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Frequently Asked Questions – Hot Water Cylinder Temperature

Frequently Asked Questions - Hot Water Cylinder Temperature

Some of the most frequent questions we get asked about hot water cylinders, and water heating revolve around the ideal hot water cylinder temperature for your home.

Is there an ideal temperature you should set your hot water at? Can you actually change the temperature of the water in your hot water cylinder? Are there risks if your water is too hot or not hot enough?

Yes, yes, and yes! Hot water cylinder temperature is extremely important for many reasons.

No Hot Water? Here’s What You Should Do If You Run out of Hot Water

No Hot Water? Here's What You Should Do If You Run out of Hot Water

There are several reasons you might run out of warm water. So the first thing to do is determine the cause. Even if you need a plumber, there may be ways to cut down on time and expense involved in remedying the situation if you know what has caused the lack of hot water.

Let’s start by asking a few questions …

Did you have warm water for a shower a few minutes ago, but now the next person has none?
This could be a case of using up all the hot water in your hot water cylinder. Read more below.

Do you have warm water, but it’s not hot enough?
This may be a problem with your tempering valve. You’ll need a plumber to have a look at this for you and possibly repair or replace the valve.

Do you have no water whatsoever, not even cold water?
This is definitely a plumbing issue. Give us a call, and we’ll get our emergency on-call team to come out and see you.

The Pros and Cons of Electric Water Heaters

The Pros and Cons of Electric Water Heaters

Heating the water in your home with an electric hot water system is very common in Auckland. With the popularity of gas hot water systems increasing, however, we often get asked whether it’s still worth using electricity to heat water. At Cylinder Direct, we install both electric and gas hot water heating systems.

Let’s take a look here at some pros and cons of electric water heaters

Your Guide To Hot Water Heating: Electric VS Gas Water Heating

Electric vs Gas Hot Water Heating

If you’re renovating your home, replacing your hot water heating system, or considering purchasing a new property, you may be wondering what the best form of hot water heating is. The decision of which system is best usually centres around cost – how much a hot water heating system costs to install, and how much it costs to run.

Low Pressure VS Main Pressure Hot Water Cylinder

Low Pressure VS Main Pressure Hot Water Cylinder

If you need to replace or upgrade the water heating system in your home, you will likely hear or read about low pressure and mains pressure hot water cylinders.
It’s also beneficial to know the difference between a low pressure hot water system and a mains pressure system if you’re buying a new home in New Zealand. As you’ll also want to understand which system the property has.

Is Your Hot Water Cylinder Leaking?

Is Your Hot Water Cylinder Leaking

Leaks can be annoyingly painful, and they always tend to happen at the wrong time!

This post will help you determine where the leak may be coming from and what perhaps caused your hot water cylinder to leak as well.

Whether or not you hire Cylinder Direct to help with your cylinder repairs and hot water cylinder problems. You will save a tremendous amount of time and money in repairing and replacing hot water cylinder NZ, just by asking the right questions and providing the correct type of information.

Rheem vs Rinnai hot water cylinders – Which one is better?

Rheem VS Rinnai Hot Water Cylinder

There are a few other smaller brands available that provide quality, reliable products. But most of the information available focusses around these two main brands. Because we receive a lot of questions around which brand is better, Rinnai or Rheem, we’ve put together a comparative summary here to answer some of your questions and to help inform your decision making.