Rheem - Electric Low Pressure Hot Water Cylinder

Electric Water Heating

We have a wide range of energy efficient Rheem or Rinnai hot water cylinders ensuring that you never have to take a cold shower again.

  • Rheem Stainless Steel Cylinders
  • Rinnai Smart Cylinders
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Gas Water Heating

Instead of storing hot water, Rheem Gas Continuous Flow Water Heaters only heat the water you need – Go with the flow!

  • Continuous Flow Hot Water
  • Gas Hot Water Cylinder
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No Hot Water

This is the most obvious sign that there is something wrong with your hot water system. You either turn on the hot water tap and only cold water comes out (even after waiting a short while), or you run out of hot water earlier than you think you should be.

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Leaking Water Heater

If you see water leaking from your cylinder or its overflow pipe, we need to address the issue straight away. Not only is the leaking water costing you money in unnecessary water use, but if the cylinder is inside the property, the leak may be causing water damage to the house.

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I don’t know

Sometimes you just don’t know what’s wrong, but you suspect something is not functioning properly. Perhaps you have higher than expected water or electricity bills. Maybe you hear unusual noises, banging or hissing coming from the cylinder…

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Trusted Brands

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We repair, replace, maintain and install – Servicing Auckland & Waikato

Cylinder Direct are the experienced local team to call when you want rapid response to any issues you’re having with your hot water, your water pressure / flow, or your hot water cylinder.

When you call Cylinder Direct, you’re dealing with us directly – qualified and experienced plumbers and gasfitters. We don’t subcontract out our work.

No middle-man. No surprises.

We’re a team of 10+ hot water specialists who can diagnose and fix your issue. We’re not salespeople trying to convince you to replace your cylinder if you don’t need to. We’ll always choose the option to repair over replace if possible.

Looking after our environment, Cylinder Direct recycles old hot water tanks – so you don’t need to worry about them ending up in the inorganic rubbish.

Cylinder Direct - Hot Water Cylinder Auckland

Our Story

Qualified Plumbers & Gasfitters.

Honest and direct service from a Kiwi brand you can trust

Cylinder Direct repair, replace, maintain and install a full range of hot water cylinders and continuous flow hot water systems.

Cylinder Direct is 100% NZ owned and operated.

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Auckland Licensed Gasfitter - Hot Water Cylinder Installer